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Columbia River Estuary
Highlights of Conference Call 09-13-01

Columbia River Landscape Assessment and Habitat Change Analysis

Meeting notes 09/13/01

Conference call

Attendees: Allan Whiting (CREST)

Ralph Garono (EDC)

Bruce Sutherland (LCREP)

Dan Bottom (NMFS)

Jen Burke (ODFW)

Si Simenstad (UW)

Purpose: to define the focus and coordination of NMFS (Jen Burke, ODFW) to prepare historic reconstruction of select regions of the Columbia River estuary above Puget Island



  • Many issues and concerns were laid on the table
  • Two types of assessment will be used hydrogeomorphic and vegetated habitat
  • Digitizing process will proceed with 3 to 4 focal areas, which will be used in a comparison of previous mapping efforts and one unmapped area.
  • Todd Sanders is the desired choice for digitizing the T-sheets; Bruce will seek out funding for the effort
  • Ralph will pursue elevation data to delineate the floodplain and outline the extent of the area to be classified in the imagery (used in elevation mask)
  • Si and Dan will outline the principles of the habitat classification
  • Allan will establish a classification scheme matrix
  • Oct 16th - Next meeting, organized by Bruce, is for discussing the classification scheme and folks from the Willamette Atlas, John Christy (NHP), John Marshall (USFWS) and Janet Morland (DSL) are to be invited