Corvallis Research Laboratory

The Corvallis Research Laboratory is the coordinating hub for ODFW Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RME) projects implemented in western Oregon (administered within ODFW’s West Region; West Region Fish RME Program) and several statewide RME projects administered within the ODFWs Fish Conservation and Recovery Program.

Below are links to active RME projects, containing contact information and brief descriptions of project objectives.


Fish Monitoring and Research Projects


Salmonid Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) - Adult and juvenile fish trapping

Program to Restore Oregon's Chum Salmon

Oregon Adult Salmonid Inventory & Sampling (OASIS) - Spawning ground surveys

Aquatic Inventories (AQI) - Aquatic and riparian habitat and juvenile snorkel surveys

Native Fish Investigations (NFI)

Fish Research Evaluation Data & Decision Support (REDD)

Coastal Chinook Research and Monitoring Program (CCRMP) - under construction

Fish Life History Analysis (FLHAP) - under construction

Willamette Spring Chinook

Upper Willamette Bull Trout