Fish and Wildlife on the Oregon Trail: Then and Now

High resolution scans of the booklet. Our purpose in presenting this fictional account "is to help people understand the changes in fish and wildlife populations since the years of the Oregon Trail migration".

Author: Pat Wray

Design & Layout: Kay Barton

Research: Anne Woodard.

The artwork for each page is referenced after the page number where the work appears.
Cover Page. "Emigrants to the West", Oregon Histocial Society, ORH.46054

Page 2.Prologue,Trail map.

Page 3.Trail map.

Page 4.Snake River Crossing, September 1, 1847.

Page 5. Oregon Historical Society, ORH.58569. Snake River, September 1, 1994. Malheur River, Septermber 3, 1847; Vale September 2, 1994

Page 6. "Stuck Fast", Hutchings Illustrated California Magazine, Oregon Historical Society, ORH.39601

Page 7. "Crossing the Plains" engraving by H.B. Hall, Jr. from an illustration by F.O.C. Darley, Oregon Historical Society, ORH.24687. Burnt River, September 7, 1847; Burnt River, September 3, 1994

Page 8.Powder River, September 9, 1847; Powder River, September 3, 1994; Grande Ronde Valley, September 12, 1847.

Page 9. Oregon Historical Society, ORH.35853. Ladd Canyon, September 4, 1994; Grande Ronde Valley, September 14, 1847.

Page 10.Harold Cramer Smith, Sharon Torvik. Lagrande, September 4, 1994; Blue Mountains, September 17, 1847; Meacham, September 5, 1994.

Page 11.Harold Cramer Smith, Sharon Torvik. Emigrant Hill, September 18, 1847; Emigrant Hill, September 5, 1994; Well Springs, September 21, 1847.

Page 12.Cecil, September 6, 1994; John Day River, September 22, 1847; John Day River, September 6, 1994.

Page 13. Cross' Expidition to Oregon, 1849; Oregon Historical Society, ORH.85476. Columbia River, September 25, 1847; The Dalles, September 7, 1994.

Page 14. Oregon Historical Society, ORH.86985. Columbia River, September 27, 1847.

Page 15. "Oregon City", John Mix Stanley painting, 1845; Oregon Historical Society, ORH.23926. September 8, 1994 Dayton.

Back Cover "Emigrants to the West", Oregon Historical Society, OHR.46054

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