Adult Recruit and Spawner Abundance

Wild and Hatchery Adult Spawning Abundance


Coho Spawning Abundance Components

Lower Columbia Coho ESU (Oregon Populations Only)

The Clatskanie and Clackamas populaiton estimates, in some years, in the individual pdf's below contain biases which have recently been accounted for through a stratified approach. As a result, the Clatskanie estimates reported in 2002, 2007, 2009-15, and the Clackamas estimates reported in 2008-13 are no longer valid. Moving forward, the Clatskanie population will be broken out into two separate strata estimates: Plympton Creek and everywhere else in the Clatskanie Basin. Similarly, the Clackamas population will be broken out into two separate estimates: Eagle Creek sub-basin and everywhere else below North Fork Dam in the Clackamas Basin. For revised population estimates in the years indicated see the "Lower Columbia Coho ESU Adult Spawning Abundance by Strata and Population" document above.

Oregon Coast Coho ESU

Southern Oregon Northern California Coasts Coho ESU (Oregon Only)









































































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