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Habitat Restoration Survey Reports: 

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Habitat Restoration Survey Reports by Monitoring Area:

North Coast
Mid Coast
Mid-South Coast
Umpqua River
South Coast
Lower Columbia River
Willamette River


Monitoring Habitat Restoration

Stream habitat restoration monitoring is used to track change that occurs as a result of stream enhancement projects.  This monitoring project is an extension of restoration activities that were started on Oregonís North Coast in 1995 and have since spread throughout Western Oregon. 

Types of enhancement activities include:

~  In-stream wood and boulder placement
~  Construction of off channel ponds
~  Culvert replacement and bridge placement
~  Conifer and hardwood riparian plantings
~  Fencing and livestock management
~  Removal of artificial barriers
~  Road decommissioning


Monitoring of restoration activities consist of pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments of stream conditions using the methods of the Oregon Plan Monitoring Project.  This monitoring can help restoration biologists assess whether certain activities are successful, both in the short and the long term. 

Funding Provided By:

Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Oregon Department of Forestry
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
National Marine Fisheries Service
Private Landowners

Project Contacts:
Charlie Stein
Matt Strickland

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