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Redband Trout Distribution Project



In order to access the redband trout presence / absence GIS data or map for your area of interest, click on the file name in the table below.

Map Description and Sources

Presence and absence information of stream resident redband trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp.) in Great Basin streams was compiled from information queries to professional fisheries biologists from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service.  The resulting data, in point coverage and stream segment level form, were used to classify stream routes on 1:100,000 scale digital line graphs, to portray use as being either present, absent, migration corridor, or unknown.  Each assertion of use was also classified as being verified by field sampling data, or being based on professional opinion.  Distribution limits reflect current, and year round use only.  Stream reaches that historically had redband trout, but now do not, and reaches that likely have never had redband trout are both portrayed as absent, as are reaches that have redband trout only seasonally, or only during high-water years.

These maps have been updated by data from summer 1999 status review sampling.

Suggested citation:  Flitcroft R.C. and J.M. Dambacher. 2001.  Great Basin redband trout stream distribution map.  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Aquatic Inventories Project, Corvallis.

Copyright 2001:  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Basin Data (GIS .e00 files with metadata) Maps
(.pdf - it is not recommended that you print on pages less than 8.5 x 14)
Date of Last Update
Abert Lake abert01.zip (192 kB) algoose1.pdf 08/24/01
Goose Lake goose01.zip (149 kB)
gooseca.zip (23 kB)
Catlow Valley cat01.zip (532 kB) catlow1.pdf 08/24/01
Malheur mal12001.zip (177 kB) malheur1.pdf 08/24/01
mal22001.zip (223 kB)
mal32001.zip (148 kB)
mal42001.zip (305 kB)
Silver Lake silver01.zip (400 kB) silsum1.pdf 08/24/01
Warner Valley warner01.zip (316 kB) warner1.pdf 08/24/01



Dambacher, J.M., K.K. Jones and H.W. Li. 2001. The distribution and abundance of Great Basin redband trout: an application of variable probability sampling in a 1999 status review. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Information Reports 2001-08, Portland, Oregon. 

Project contact:
Charlie Stein